About YSJ

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer.  People watched as a video taken at the scene played over and over, and millions of people around the world took to the streets in anguish, anger and determination to bear witness that injustice cannot be ignored in civil society.
On Saturday, May 30th, seventy people in Yachats spontaneously stood along the highway in silent protest.  There was no discussion of politics or intent, no joint agenda – simply people who wanted to witness that George Floyd mattered and his killing was unacceptable.  Three years later, some of them are still there, because injustice persists.
In 2021 at least 1,055 people nationwide were shot and killed by police, with Black people twice as likely as white people to be included.  Why?
In the last three years many white people have begun to study issues related to race in this country and have begun to understand historical perspectives that cause and maintain the social, political and economic inequities that have produced catastrophic, unjust results.